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Jose Alejandro Barreto Martinez, Principal

Jose is a passionate leader with fifteen years of leadership experience both in the military and the civilian sector. He is excited about finance, logistics, sustainable growth, and teamwork. 

Jose has been in the Air Force Reserve for 15 years. He enlisted the United States Air Force Reserve in 2007 as a Vehicle Operator. There he attained the rank of Technical Sergeant before commissioning as a Logistics Readiness Officer.

He has served four tours to the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman and Kuwait), one humanitarian mission to Haiti, and is currently the Director of Operations for the 507th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Tinker AFB, OK.

His entire military career, he has focused on the optimization of logistic systems and teamwork. 

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In a civilian capacity, Jose worked for DaVita Renal care where he was responsible for the administrative, financial, and technical aspects of the second largest Dialysis clinic in New England. He managed the clinic during the COVID 19 Pandemic, becoming one of the first clinics to receive and issue the COVID 19 Vaccine. 

Prior to DaVita he worked six years for Citibank, where he advised clients on a wide range of solutions to enhance their treasury and trade programs. He specialized in Sales as a Global Account Manager.

Jose is married to Valentina. Both of them are looking to settle and start a family in the near future. 

Although Jose was born in New England, he has lived in Colombia, Spain, and Mexico prior to returning to the United States. 

Jose holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration in Finance and Management Science from the University of Miami.

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These well capitalized organizations will support Clotho Holdings with deal and operational experience, financial support, and guidance to ensure successful transitions and governance.

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