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Clotho Holdings LLC

The fates are three goddesses that control the thread of life. They are the personifications of destiny (or fate). The first, Clotho, spins the thread of life. Clotho symbolizes birth, and the passage through life according to mythology. 

Clotho Holdings (“Clotho”) is a search fund formed to identify, acquire, and operate a single existing private company in the United States. 

Clotho was founded in 2022, to partner with entrepreneurs who have built a legacy of sustained growth and seek to reinvigorate in the next chapter of their lives.

Green Forest

We're committed to preserving the essence of the company you have built. We will dedicate our time and effort to ensure future growth in new horizons.

Our experienced management team and investors will offer support with tested leadership, financial knowledge, and diverse acquisition strategies.

Nautical Rope


Clotho is focused on serving those who serve. We are working the Military, JROTC, ROTC, First Responder, Drill Team, Honor Guard, Color Guard services and uniform accessory needs


In 2023 Clotho Holdings acquired Glendale Parade Store. Founded in 1985, Glendale is a leading supplier of Honor Guard and JROTC equipment, including drill (nonfiring replica) rifles, uniform accessories, flags, and various other accessories to a variety of end markets. 


Glendale holds a federal GSA contract, which has led to significant recurring revenues from the U.S. government, as well as contracts with the Department of Defense. The Company is also a member of BuyBoard

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